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Schmidt racing in 2008

12. rally Mikulas (6.-7.12.2008, Veszprem) (Janos Toth – Robert Tagai)

An aggreable result for Hungarian pilot Janos Toth in this event free of technical restrictions (which allowed the group-N-cars to run without the restrictor): Second place overall for “Janika” under difficult conditions (mud, slippery) in his 207 Super 2000 (which had to compete in his normal configuration without turbocharger) despite a top speed on the long straights 30 kph lower than some of his competitors.

Rallye du Valais (24.-25.10.2008) (Janos Toth – Robert Tagai)

Once is not enough
Without any technical problems in the 207 Super 2000 entered by Schmidt racing our two friends from Hungary reached the finish of the extreme twisty Rally du Valais in the western part of Switzerland. But it was the first appearance of the former Hungarian rally champion in this part of Switzerland with all its tricky corners so eight place overall was the maximum within reach. Better result next time…

Rallye Orlen (19.-21.9.2008), (Krzystzof Holowczyc/Lukasz Kurzeja)

Too short is not long enough
Surprise for team owner Rolf Schmidt, when he unloaded the 207 Super 2000 from the transporter for the Rally Orlen in Poland: the short ratio for the driveshaft which was a main point on the list in the preparation of the car, was finally too short. So Rolf Schmidt sent a team member back home to Vienna to fetch another gear wheel which was monuted to the car as soon as possible. But Holowczyc was fast enough on the early stages and did not loose much time and won the first event of the Polish championship in this autumn to the surprise of everyone ahead of the reigning champion Bryan Bouffier.
But this victory will not be doubled in the future: Holowczyc has no intensions to compete in this years rally championship in Poland.

Barum Rallye (22.-24. August 2008) (Janos Toth/Robert Tagai, Roman Kresta/Petr Gross)

Two cars have been entered by Schmidt racing for the traditional event in the Czech republic: After his retirement last year Janos Toth clinched sixth place (the Hungarian driver competes in only a handful of events each year and has still some difficulties with the differencies between turbocharged engines like in the 206 WRC and normally aspirated engines like in the 207 Super 2000).

But Roman Kresta – highly motivated at his home event – destroyed his 207 Super 2000 on the first stage after the opening superstage when inofficial timekeeping showed him six seconds ahead of his well experienced rivals after only five kilometres. After a jump the Peugeot left the road on the right side and rolled heavily…

Conclusion of team principal Rolf Schmidt: “If someone drives as quick as Kresta it may happen that he leaves the road sometimes. In two weeks from now Waldemar Benedict competes with our support in the BP-ultimate-rally in Austria and has to make it to the finish line. So we need only one car because Peugeot Sport will have severe problems to deliver a new body shell in such a short time.”

Rallye Ypres (26.-28.6.2008) (Janos Toth/Robert Tagai)
18 Super-2000-cars at the starting line of Rallye Ypres – including Janos toth and Robert Tagai in the 207 S 2000 operated by Schmidt racing. In this very competitive field our two friends from Hungary established fifth time in the shakedown and eight and ninth place in the first stages. Then a puncture in stage 3 and place 12 overall. On the way back to the top ten there was a stone on stage nine which pushed the front suspension through the bonnet.

Rally Poland (June 6/7) (Michal Kościuszko/Maciej Szczepaniak)
No luck for Michal Kościuszko and codriver Maciej Szczepaniak in the 207 Super 2000 prepared by Schmidt racing at rally Poland: The young pilot was fastest at the shakedown and won the prologue easily, but a problem with the air pressure sensor cost him five minutes at a time control. Penalised with 50 seconds, he had to attack for the rest of the event as hard as possible.
But they had to retire on the first stage of day two: According to intermediate times he has gained back 20 seconds on the first 17 kilometres of this stage, but after a jump the car landed not correctly and rolled.
Team principal Rolf Schmidt stayed cool despite all the damage: “With the championship in mind, it was right to attack as hard as possible. And on the limit such things may happen…”

Rallye de Portugal (9.-10.5.2008) (Janos Toth/Robert Tagai)
No luck for Hungarian driver Janos Toth in the second round of this years IRC-championship: On the first day a cable broke and caused a shortcut in the car, on the second day the exhaust pipe broke and the gas disturbed the electronic system. With Luca Rossetti from Italy another Peugeot-driver won the event.

Rally Elmot (Poland, 9.-10.5. 2008)( Michal Kosciuszko/Maciej Szczepaniak)
A fight for seconds between Bryan Bouffier, the reigning polish championship in the 207 Super 2000 of the local importer, and local driver Michal Kosciuszko in the Peugeot supervised by Schmidt racing was the third event for the polish championship. After the first stages Kosciuszko was only four seconds behind leader Bouffier, but a puncture caused a big delay and meant place eight overall. When gaining back lost time, Michal had a spin and finished the rally on the first place behind the podium.

Rechberg hill climb (20.4.2008) (David Doppelreiter)
As a roll-out after severe technical changes, Schmidt racing entered David Doppelreiter for the famous hill climb in Austria. With his 207 Super 1600 rally car (too much weight for a hill climb car), with a chassis set up for rallies and on rally tires David saw the oil flag in the first heat and lost five seconds, but in the second heat he drove 2:32 minutes, won the event and is now leader in the European championship.

Rajd Krakowski (12.-13.4.2008) ( Michal Kosciuszko/Maciej Szczepaniak)
Up’s for Peugeot, but downs for Schmidt racing at the second event for the Polish rally championship 2008: The event was won by the reigning champion Bryan Bouffier in the “factory car” of Peugeot Poland, but Michal Kościuszko and codriver Maciej Szczepaniak in the 207 Super 2000 prepared by Schmidt racing had to retire after five stages with a mysterious problem with the exhaust system – the same problem occured at another 207 Super 2000. After three stages there were three 207 Super 2000 comfortably leading – Kościuszko as the winner of the first stage was one of them.

Schmidt racing promised to solve this problem (which is based on a strict noise limit with 98 phon) for the next event.

Rajd Magurski (2.-3. 2. 2008) ( Michal Kosciuszko/Maciej Szczepaniak)
"We have to get to know each other," was the main tenor for Peugeot Sport Poland with the new drivers Michal Kosciuszko and his copilot Maciej Szczepaniak in the 207 Super 2000 serviced by Schmidt racing at their first appearance in this year Polish rally championship. After the victory in 2007 they had to clean the roads with the number 1 on their car. Under really bad weather conditions (snow, ice and strong winds) driving on day one was very challenging, and on day 2 Michal got more and more used to the 207 and gained some stage wins. At the end he had won the S2000-class, missed fourth place overall only by 8 seconds and the podium by 20. But all the team was convinced at the finish line that at the next event the performance would be significantly better...

1. Kuzaj/Parry, PL, Subaru Impreza, 1:47:15,8
2. Sztuka/Kurzeja, PL, Mitsubishi Evo IX, +21,1
3. Stec/Gruszka, PL, Mitsubishi Evo IX, + 23,3
4. Kajetanowicz/Wislawski, PL, Mitsubishi Lancer, +35,6
5. Kosciuszko/Szczepaniak, PL, Peugeot 207 Super 2000, + 43,8

Austrian Rally Championship:

Waldemar Benedict/Elisabeth Hellinger Peugeot 207 Super 2000
Christian Rosner/Harald Gottlieb Porsche 911
April 4 - 5 Lavanttal Rally
May 2 - 3 Bosch Rally
May 23 - 24 Castrol Rally
September 5 - 6 BP Rally
September 26 - 27 ARBÖ Steiermark Rally

Polish Rally Championship:

Michal KosciuszkoPeugeot 207 Super 2000
February 2 - 3 Rajd Magurski
April 12 - 13 Rajd Krakow
May 10 - 11 Rajd Elmot
June 7 - 8 Rajd Polski
July 5 - 6 Rajd Subaru
August 9 - 10 Rajd Rzeszowski
August 30 - 31 Rajd Karkonoski
September 20 - 21 Rajd Orlen
Ocotber 11 - 12 Rajd Dolnoslaski

IRC Championship:

Janos Toth/Robert Tagai Peugeot 207 Super 2000
June 28 - 29 Ypres Rally
July 12 - 13 Russia Rally
August 23 - 24 Barum Rally
September 13 - 14 Rally Spain
September 28 - 29 San Remo Rally

Schmidt racing is in cooperation with Tagai Racing Technology the tuner of the Peugeot 207 Super 2000 which will be entered by Peugeot Hungaria this year for Janos Toth and his copilote Bea Bahor for these events of the European championship:


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